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Lease Bulls

Choosing the right supplier of your service bulls is an important decision, which impacts on the success of your season and profitability.

Here, at Piquet Hill, we have many farmers who come back year after year to lease our bulls thanks to their trust in the genetics we supply – resulting in quality calves that align with their farming objectives. Our leased bulls are available in a variety of breeds, to ensure the best match can be made for your farming objectives. With Angus, Hereford, Jersey and Friesian bulls available for both autumn and spring mating cycles, you can be sure you will get the right bulls to get your cows and heifers in calf stress free.

Our dairy service bulls are sourced from established beef and dairy herds throughout the North Island and go through stringent protocols before they are placed onto a dairy farm.

Piquet Hill Dairy Sires are:
TB tested negative
BVD tested negative
BVD double vaccinated
Guaranteed quiet
Guaranteed sound and fit for purpose

Every year Piquet Hill holds its annual dairy service bull auction on the second Wednesday of September. Around 400 bulls are sold and leased at auction. The remainder of our service bulls are leased to our loyal customers, which are scattered throughout the Waikato and surrounding provinces. Bulls are selected personally and great care is put into matching the right bulls for the client. Particular focus is given to ensuring bulls are quiet and docile to handle before they are trucked. We have a strong relationship with trucking firms to make sure that bulls are transported in a timely and efficient manner.

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