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Bulls & Rams

Structure and Function Without Compromise

We understand that you want the best sheep and beef genetics in New Zealand for your farm. Here, at Piquet Hill, we believe that your business success is our business.

The decision to invest in quality sheep and beef genetics is vital to your farm’s long-term success, and buying the right rams and bulls is a critical decision. Across the board, we guarantee quality livestock derived from years of selection pressure – ensuring that our line-up offers structure and function without compromise.


Breed Philosophy

Our breeding philosophy has three main parts, which are balanced together to deliver an overall package for your farming operation.
Our own commercial operation

We run a large commercial operation at Piquet Hill where our stock needs to perform under natural and commercial conditions. Our sheep and cattle are put under selection pressure in a challenging  environment, and expected to deliver profitability to our business through strong maternal lines delivering positive farmgate returns.

Our Client

The intensive selection of livestock in our environment flows through to our clients, aided by innovative and cutting-edge breeding tools such as genomics, DNA parentage, artificial insemination and embryo transfer. We are one of only a handful of breeders selecting for facial eczema, worm resistance and resilience in the sheep sector and the only Angus breed collecting data and selecting for facial eczema in cattle.

We are confident that if we produce animals that can perform and thrive in our environment, then the stock will perform in different environments throughout the country. 

The end consumer

We focused on developing a product that is more attractive to the end consumer. Through participation in benchmarking programs for sheep meat quality to phenotype recording and genomic analysis of IMF in cattle. By breeding sheep and cattle that require no preventative treatment for Facial Eczema, minimal drenching for parasites and grown on a solely grass based diet we are meeting those increasing demands of a ethically aware consumer. As breeders we must be leaders in the sector ensuring that consumers receive a quality product that is produced in an ethical manner.

Our belief is that harnessing these three factors and balancing them correctly is the key to breeding good seed stock that produces a marketable and sustainable animal.

Our breeds

Rams & Bulls

Romney Rams
Suffolk Rams
Composite Rams
Our philosophy

Breeding structure and function without compromise, with a guarantee of performance; derived from years of selection pressure, to ensure the best genetic offering for your operation.

Will Jackson

Director & Owner, Piquet Hill